About Us


We've Been in Austin since 2007

We're a family run small business based in Austin, TX.  Business is run by Julye and Grant who have been working together since 1998.  We started StonePressions in 2019.


Our goal is to be able to make a living and give back to the community.

We want to give people unique & beautiful projects while understanding that what we do contributes to a healthy community.  Local people helping local people.


Better for the Environment

Harvesting stone is brutal work on people and the environment.   Most granite is quarried outside the US resulting in long transportation chains which require huge amount of fuel. 

 We use American-made low VOC resins to make our products which leave little residual odor or impact on your indoor air quality.  We use excess epoxy to make art which we also sell (check us out on Etsy).