Our Epoxy is the Best in the Industry

Why choose epoxy for your surface?

Epoxy is a great choice!

Epoxy coated surfaces are an opportunity for you to express yourself in a way not previously possible.   We can give you a luxury surface that no one else has! 

What follows below are some points of consideration to help with your selection.

  • We can encapsulate art or objects into your surfaces, ensuring those objects are protected for a long time.  Want to see your child's art embedded in a countertop? Contact us.
  • Epoxy panels are substantially lighter than other choices.  Our 1/4" panel used for backsplash weighs less than 1 pound per square foot.  Compare that to a "thin" granite at ~13 pounds per square foot.  We can put panels in places you'd never see granite, like on a ceiling. 
  • Epoxy is reparable.  If you do have an accident and the surface is damaged, we can typically repair the damage.  This is done by either buffing out the area, or applying a fill of epoxy, sanding the patch smooth,  then buffing the counter back to sheen of your choice.
  • Epoxy is a food safe, permanently sealed surface with great operational characteristics.  You don't need to recoat the counter every year either.  Our countertops will remain water  and stain repellant for life.
  • Our countertops will not harbor bacteria.  With a stone counter, if you spill in the kitchen, there is a chance  bacteria (say from chicken) could get into your countertops.  Even if you seal stone every year,  the surface remains porous.  Epoxy surfaces are completely non-porous, if  you spill, there will be no penetration of the surface.
  • Epoxy is stain resistant.  Because nothing penetrates the surface, it is hard for chemicals which stain to find a foothold. Compare that to stone, where even water or oil spills can permanently change the coloration of your surface.